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Getting the Best Return On Investment…

I’ve been working with Lorette and Team Nimbus NJ for just about 2 years now. Over the course of that time, our business has consistently grown We have explored a lot of different marketing and professional development options and of all the money we’ve spent (probably about $100,000). Team Nimbus NJ has provided by far the best return on our investment.  I have nothing but good things to say about Team Nimbus and think you should consider it for your business. 


  • Kolbe Clark – Aurora Kitchens & Interiors, Hillsborough, NJ

Becoming Organized and Staying on Focus

I’ve been working with Lorette and Team Nimbus NJ for about a year now and she’s been a real asset to me in terms of getting me to organize my thoughts and organize my ventures.

I have a lot of ideas about what I want to do with my business and it’s very difficult for me on my own to focus in on specific tasks and goals.  She helps me keep on target and achieve what I need to achieve and move forward in my business.  It has brought measurable results over the last year.


  • Ed Keenan – Document Depot, Princeton, NJ

Using Accountability to Grow Business… 

I’ve been a member of Team Nimbus for just over two years.  I really find it to hold me accountable and make me plan.  That translates into more action on my part, which produces more business for me.


  • Cheryl Sheasby – Mortgage Professional, Warren, NJ


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Team Nimbus Gets At Foundation Issues Like…

Getting a clear vision of business goals… 

I first heard about Team Nimbus over a year ago.   About six months later, I finally brought it into my routine.  Since then, I’ve been able to see my profits gain, I know my numbers and have more of a vision for my goals for coming new year.  I’m expanding my business and my business did triple last year. I’m hoping to do that again this year.  And Team Nimbus gives me the vehicle to do that.  So, thank you, Lorette! 


Victoria Stanger – Eastern AcuSpa Therapy, New Brunswick, NJ

Finding relationships to make a startup business grow… 

I’ve been with Team Nimbus NJ about six months. I moved to NJ about six months ago, and the moment I found Lorette Pruden and Team Nimbus, my business just flew off.  Very quickly, though I’m in a new place, she directed me to the right people and the right places and helped me make the business decisions that I never thought I’d need to make.  She opened up a great new world for me to explore and to help me make my business grow.


  • Sky Tan – Send Out Cards, Basking Ridge, NJ

Using a team for motivation in business…

I’ve been working with Lorette for about 3 years…The things I’ve gotten most out of working in Team Nimbus are the accountability and support.  I check in with an accountability partner about twice a week and try to do all the things I say I’m going to do.  And then the support from the group has been wonderful in motivating me to get my certification as a professional organizer and make business choices that are growing my business, and I’m very grateful for that.


  • Amara Willey – Time To Get Organized, Clinton, NJ

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