Mastery Series Workshops

The Team Nimbus Mastery Series Workshops are designed to support Team Nimbus community members in putting key Team Nimbus concepts and systems into practice in their businesses. There are a total of five workshops in the series. Each focuses on just one concept or system. To be sure to achieve the outcome of having each person working that concept or system for their own business, each workshop is limited to only 10 participants.

Why Me? Why You? Define what is unique about your business that will bring exactly the right prospects from your own target market.

Stoking the Fire: Design and build your Woodpile (client acquisition) System to find, qualify, and move prospects through quickly, from first encounter to client to raving fan.

Say What to Whom by When: The D4 Marketing System will keep you visible, in touch and connected until the prospect, client or former client is ready. And you’ll be sure they don’t fall through the cracks in the meantime. Be gone with the stacks of business cards! And solve the fear-of-being-a-pest marketing problem.

Getting in Gear: Create waypoints for your business to mark your progress. Build a Rainmaker Prospecting System that outlines exactly what business building activities to do on weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to grow your business to the size you want.

Manage Priorities, Not Time: Make every minute count by working on the right things, not just the urgent things. Create the business you want rather than a stack of unfinished lists. You will clear away many tasks by asking whether they need to be done at all.

It’s a Pleasure Doing Business With You Leave this workshop with a plan and system in place that will have your clients singing your praises on Day 1. There will be no more “I’ll get around to delighting them sometime.” They will be delighted from the start. We don’t even cover this in 100 Days to Abundance.


Each workshop is scheduled for 3 1/2 hours with the exception of the Getting in Gear workshop, which consist of two 3 1/2 hour sessions.

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