Business Consulting and Coaching

Our personalized work with our clients can take on numerous forms, such as Business Consultations and Business Coaching. Team Nimbus of New Jersey offers both.

Business Consultation

You may be a business owner or partners with a specific issue or challenge that, with some outside perspective, you could break through. Consider a Business Consultation with intense focus that is only about you, your business and your specific challenge.  The fee for a Business Consultation (90 min) is $287.00. To schedule a business consultation, call 908-359-4787. *Business Consultation fee will be paid at the time that the Business Consultation appointment is confirmed. Business consultations may be held in person or by phone.

Business Coaching

Being up to “really big things” often necessitates partnering with an expert to provide the guidance, support and accountability that it takes to achieve the intended outcome. Nobody thinks of climbing Mount Everest by themselves. With business coaching, you will benefit from learning better

  • Problem solving, both strategic and tactical
  • Leadership skills that will let you meet challenges with your customers, employees and vendors
  • Habits of structure and self-reflection to give a life-long benefit after coaching is over.

New insight gained from the coaching process helps you capitalize on your own strengths and those of your team, and get consistently better results. Team Nimbus of New Jersey owner, Lorette Pruden, provides individual business coaching to a few business owners and entrepreneurs who are up to “really big things” and willing to do what it take to achieve them. Fees are dependent on the specific project and start at $800.00 per month. If you are up to “big things” in your business this year and are looking for the right business coach, call Lorette at 907-359-4787 to schedule a complimentary session in person or by phone. Let’s see if we’ll make a winning match.

Email or call 908-359-4787 and I will be glad to discuss how Team Nimbus programs will help you.

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